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On November 6, Elk River residents will decide how to invest in the repair and improvements for recreational and outdoor activities that make Elk River such a special place to live, work and play. City leaders have proposed a plan to invest $35 million in outdoor and recreational activities and facilities, financed by a half-cent sales tax. The purpose of this website is to provide the information you will need to make an informed vote, including details about the projects, why city leaders believe this is the most responsible plan, and the tax impact on residents and non-residents. 


Community Priorities

Much of Elk River’s lifestyle is built around parks, trails and other outdoor and indoor activities that provide an abundance of options for everyone. Elk River residents – our children, our families, our seniors – deserve the same high quality amenities that other communities in the region enjoy.


The Plan

The Active Elk River plan features a broad range of projects that were designed to benefit local residents of all ages.


Why a Sales Tax?

City leaders considered multiple options before deciding to ask voters to consider a half-cent sales tax to finance this investment in our community. As a regional recreation center, they decided a sales tax levy was the fairest solution for residents.

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The Impact

The outcome of November’s vote will impact Elk River’s recreational and outdoor facilities and activities.


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